Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stringin' you along

If someone had told me (years ago) that I would one day be writing a string quartet, I would have laughed at them. “Ha ha,” I would have said.

But I’ve done it.

The inspiration for this 4 movement piece came from the fact that the studio next to mine in downtown Norwich is occupied by a very talented violin teacher, Debrah Mineo Devine. She also is a terrific player in her right.

So I got started writing a little 8 measure snippet for her, and asked her if she thought it was worth expanding on or if I should just throw it away. She said it looked interesting, and so I began working on it. The whole piece runs about 12 minutes and is called “Numerical Values”.

There are four movements called "Elegiac Pentameter", "Triangular Prism", "Trillium in Spring", and "Quarter Moon." The third, "Trillium" will be posted soon for you to preview.

I’m hoping one day to hear this piece performed live. I’ll let you all know if and when it is.