Monday, January 25, 2010

Ave Verum

A video of my arrangement of Mozart's "Ave Verum" is now available on Youtube Also available for the guitar players out there, is a chart on my website

The experience of video recording this motet was a summation of some of the joys and trials of being a Musician in the Middle of Nowhere.

--Finding a room in our 900 square foot house large enough to position the camera for two difference angles.

--Working with our noisy surroundings--the slim but real possibility that the phone might ring, a rooster who crows morning, noon, and night, and the ticking of the wood stove (you can hear this last one at the end of the song).

--Lousy lighting 'cause it's the middle of winter in upstate NY, although the sun did shine enough to cause a reflection on the guitar.

Hope you enjoy!

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