Monday, July 12, 2010


I’m in the process of writing a new set of songs for a CD that will be released this fall.

I say “songs” because the majority of them will have lyrics written by my very good friend Douglas V. Rose. Doug and I wrote the cantata “God’s Gift of Music” last year for the Norwich-based Monday Evening Musical Club.

The mood and feel of the music is best described as “new age”. Much new age music is expressive of the artist’s spirituality; our songs will do the same, but in our own unique way. I’m pretty excited about this project because it is yet another departure for me; another new avenue of musical expression.

It is also great fun to be writing with Douglas. Not only does he have the most uncanny way of molding words, but our friendship dates back to (dare I say it) 1963! Wow, that would make us…younger than we’ll be next year on this date.

We’ll post an announcement about the new CD “Journeys” as soon as it’s ready, hopefully around September.

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