Friday, July 23, 2010

My "New" Guitar

There is a phenomenon among guitarists called G.A.S.-- “Gear Acquisition Syndrome” which includes instruments, amps, pedals, and of course, guitars.

Although I never have really experienced this malady, I did just purchase my 4th guitar this weekend--a no-name archtop steel-string guitar. According to the little information that came with it, this instrument was first purchased around 1950. It has some nice binding around the F-holes, and I am of the opinion that the scratch plate was added later…it rattles.

The real point is this: I have use for 4 different guitars. This new instrument will now serve alongside my main ax (the Yamaha classical cutaway), and my solid body electric, and my Martin D-20 12-string guitar. Each has a unique sound and a unique feel to it.

At this point, I can’t see myself ever getting another instrument, unless I swap one of these for something new. The last time I bought a new guitar, it replaced one that I had been playing for 29 years!

To hear what I do with all these guitars, you can check out my video selections Youtube or sample of my music at Cdbaby.

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